We believe that profit can be created from technology application in management, especially for Service, Agriculture – Forestry - Fisheries, Construction - Industry when Equipment Rental is key account for business area. Therefore, with experience in CX Area, CX team from ERP Service Division, FPT Information System and SAP have launched the optimal solution for Rental named “CX For Rental”.

With only 4 months for implementation, “CX for Rental” allows enterprises to manage your rental equipments effectively by collecting all the information about rental process and keeping track with real-time data. Rental process is designed automatically from managing available equipments in stock, registering for rental, process for handing over, cost for rent and time extension, printing confirmation form to analyzing data and making reports/dashboards. In addition, the solution also includes integrating with barcode of rental equipments, which will allow employees to check in and check out the rental equipments more quickly and accurately.

Manage Equipment

Nowadays, companies have a higher demand on managing available equipments in stock and equipment category.

Furthermore, managing catalogue of items is also required in the solution.

This means the solution needs to have capability of importing and exporting data from the system (equipment information, price for rent…).

Manage Rental Information

The solution needs to have capability of collecting segmentation rental for attributes such as: Customer Group, Location, Customer information, Equipment Categories,...

Calculate Rental Fee/Time

The solution needs to have capability of automating rental process to calculate and control the time for rent in plan and reality.

Secure Information

Security management in exporting transaction data from system: System automatically records information about users, transaction type, time...


There are so many challenges companies face while managing a rental property. It’s a responsibility to run a rental property these days, especially when companies look at the profit from rental and the journey of rental.

Best Benefit


Integrated Barcode

Stock Management

Real-time Data

Saving Input Time

Applying Support Tool

Data Security

How It Work

- Add product by scanning barcode
- Check inventory
- Calculate rental fee/time
- Export invoice from system

Content Scope

Users 40 Users 20 Users 5 Users
Contract 3 years
(Warranty 6 months)
3 years
(Warranty 6 months)
3 years
(Warranty 6 months)
Integration Barcode, Google Maps Barcode, Google Maps Barcode, Google Maps
Customization X X X
Maintenance X X X



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