FPT IS has recently become the distributor for ESRI, the world's leading GIS vendor, to deliver its GIS products including ArcGIS, ArcView, and MapObject. FPT IS is also the provider, integrator and developer of a number of GIS products such as MapInfo, Leica-ERDAS, TRIMBLE NAVIGATION, ArcFM, Microstation, PlantSpace, AutoPlant, and AutoCAD.

We offer our customers comprehensive GIS solutions such as consulting, developing, preparing projects, training, installation, and constructing databases.

We commit to bring customers high quality services on building and implementation of geographical information systems based on combining Project Center Framework methodology with the FPT's ISO 9001-2000, CMMi-5 standards.

Services offered:

  • Digitalizing and providing mapping data.
  • Converting data.
  • Implementing GIS project.
  • Training GIS knowledge.

Our GIS solutions have been implemented for a number of clients:

  • Road traffic network information system- Vietnam Rural Transportation Project.
  • Customer and supply network information system - Hai Phong Water Company.
  • Land management system - General Department for Land Administration, Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, Dong Da district (Hanoi) and Ben Tre province.
  • Map-based electricity grid equipment information system- Hai Duong Electricity.
  • Map-based equipment maintenance information system- FPT Corporation.
  • RTPAMS – Road/Railway Transport Project Asset Management System

    The Road/Railway Transport Project Asset Management System (RTPAMS) is the map-based synthesis information system of technical and management data.  

    RTPAMS has been successfully implemented for the 18 Project Management Unit (PMU18), which is a part of the rural transportation project funded by the World Bank. 

    The system is able to provide comprehensive information about the road and railways network in Vietnam. The functions to look up for information and create reports are closely related to the initial database including maps and social and infrastructure specifications. Beside managing data on land, work sites, environment, residence, finance and general economy, the system can help to process special data for tourism, healthcare, fire prevention and traffic control.

    Basic functions:

    • Module MapIndex: allows automatic management of map subjects according to administrative units such as province, district, and commune.
    • Technical Input module: allows creation, update and deletion of technical objects such as road link, road section, bridge and sewage pipeline.
    • Analyze Module.
    • GPS-based map adjustment.

  • CNMS – Customer and Network Management System

    The Customer and Network Management System (CNMS) was initially designed to manage water supply network including equipment and pipeline to every household.

    CNMS was designed under the consultation of Finch experts and was successfully developed for Hai Phong Water Company.

    Basic functions:

    • Map layer management: allows user to input graphical data and display the map in layers for better visual management. User is able to keep track of any item of the water supply system and their status.
    • Adition of existing layer: after displaying the water supply network topology on screen, user can add, edit or delete where necessary. It is notable that they can do these works visually.
    • Management of maintenance information: user can manage the maintenance information including problems, verification and maintenance status.
    • Information look-up: user can easily look up for and edit the information of the entire network.

  • ArcLIS – ArcInfor based Land Information system

    The Land Information System using ArcInfo Technology (ArcLIS) is developed based on the technology of the US-based ESRI Group.

    ArcLIS is the cooperation between the FPT Corporation and the Cadastral Data Storage Information Center of Vietnam.

    ArcLIS is developed in Visual Basic programmnig language using new ESRI technology namely ArcInfo (for graphical management tools) and ArcSDE (for database management tools) to manage graphical object groups. Being a scartered data system, the Arclis system comprises five programs installed in various administrative units with relevant databases.

    • ArcLIS: provides comprehensive information system on land management for cities and provinces across the nation.
    • ArcLIS_Input: collects and registers initial land information. ArcLIS_Input employs a compact Access database for large scale installation and use without demanding for powerful PCs.
    • ArcLIS_MapInput: converts the cadastrial maps from various formats into the format used by the system.
    • ArcLIS_District: is the program for initial registration, issuance of land certification, addressing and regular management.
    • ArcLIS_WEB: is a web-based module of the ArcLIS system for printing map to help user look for land information on the Internet. It also supports online searching mechanism to provide user information about the position and the shape of their own land.
  • ArcMen – Electric network management solution

    The ArcMEN (Management of Electric Network using ArcInfo technology) – is the map-based management system for transmission line and electric equipment (transformer, cutter and fuse).

    The ArcMEN system is developed with AM/FM/GIS technology platform provided by the ESRI Group.

    It was successfully deloyed in Hai Duong Electricity and was highly appreciated to meet the management requirement of the electric network ranging from 6kV to 110 kV.

    The system is able to operate in multi-layer model (companies, offices and branches) with open architecture to allow other systems to get connected to:

    • Customer management information system – CMIS.
    • Data controling and receiving system – SCADA.
    • Financial management information system – FMIS.
    • Onsite management system (OMS).

    ArcMEN supports multi-layer users by two separated: ArcMEN Explore and ArcMEN.

    ArcMEN Explore provides fast and convenient data lookup without powerful PCs. The user is able to execute system functions on the map displayed. The output information will be exported in the forms of location map and electric network with related information.

    ArcMEN is designed as an extended module of the ESRI’s ArcEditor software. It is reponsible for data entry, edition, map analysis, and especially for solving the electric allocation problems including electricity direction, on-off mode and problem fixing.

    Key features:

    • Complying with international standards of AM/FM/GIS. Integrating mapping automation with management of technical specification, operation, troubleshooting and electric network lifecycle based on the GIS platform.
    • The electricity network and equipment are managed on a 1:5000 topology. 
    • Accuratey locating electric poles, station, and transmission line.
    • Profoundly managing the network ranging from 6kV to 110 kV visually on the map. User can view surrounding topology.
    • Presenting the geometric relations among devices and transmission lines and other topological aspects.
      Using Oracle Database system
    • Supporting multi-layer user.
    • Visually presenting all user’s activities.
    • Using powerful GIS solution.
    • Providing simple lookup mechanism with various options.
    • Providing detailed information about characteristic, shape and position of the electric grid and transmission line on the map.
    • Accurately and clearly modeling the grid allocation problem.
  • ArcFAM – Map-based management information system for equipment maintenance

    ArcFAM (Facility Management using ArcInfo technology) – The Management Information System for maintaining equipment includes management of equipment’s technical parameters, maintenance procedure (information reception, information on repair, etc.) and supervision of equipment’s operational status.

    ArcFAM has been successfully deployed at FPT IS to provide comprehensive management of ATMs and related information (Banks, providers, etc.) as well as related operational procedures such as maintenance of ATMs. A special feature of this system is that it controls ATMs on mapping basis. Every ATM has it own specific geographical location and address then ArcFAM enables users to view places of these ATMs on the administrative map and know their operational status through icons displayed on the map. ArcFAM closely links attribute information to graphical map which enables users to exploit the system effectively and conveniently.

    ArcFAM comprises 4 main modules: management of equipment’s data information, operation, exploitation and supervision of activities.

    Key features:

    • Manages all technical parameters and related information.
    • Enables operational management actions: manages maintenance procedure, maintains and repairs ATMs in accordance with FPT’s standardized Online Service (IS-Service)
    • Searches information on technical parameters and related information with all actions performed visually on the map.
    • Dumps statistical reports under available templates.
    • Effective searching ability in combination with many searching conditions which brings quick and accurate results.
    • Uses ESRI’s technology of extracting map onto the internet with ArcIMS software.
    • Fully provides popular functions of GIS software: room in, room out, move, view properties, turn on and turn off layers.
    • Provides real mechanism and grades users into every function of the system.
    • All actions are performed on Web interface which is easy and convenient for users...