FPT IS has been actively working with specialists in the medical sector to develop solutions that cover all areas of preventive, treatment and public healthcare. With over 20 years of development and continuous upgrade, FPT.eHospital, our comprehensive hospital information management system, has been deployed at over 300 hospitals. The solution was recognized with a Gold Awards in ASEAN ICT Awards 2012.

  • FPT.eHospital – Hospital Management Information System

    FPT.eHospital is a comprehensive software system for hospitals that manages all activities from the point of receiving patients to the time they leave the hospital. The software ensures the unification and optimization of resources and comprises various subsystems which are combined to create a unified information flow, bringing the hospital complete control. The software can easily be implemented as it is based on management procedures which were studied and designed using a sound scientific foundation. FPT.eHospital supports executive analysis in hospitals and, being an open system, it facilitates expansion and easy connection and integration with information current and future subsystems.

  • FPT.eClinic - Clinic Management Software

    FPT.eClinic clinic management software was developed based on FPT eHospital and upgraded to a professional solution which is the most suitable for clinics and serves patients-customers and supports doctors. 

    It helps clinics apply information technology to improve the quality of treatment and service to attract more patients and enhance internal management.

    It provides accurate, logical, reliable data; enhances management; and connects departments related to payments and receipts, services, and managing medicines.

    It also helps doctors diagnose easily through clinical records, case histories, electronic prescriptions and other relevant information of patients.